onia Kruger calls scholarship for gay and transgender students reverse discrimination. Today Extra’s Sonia Kruger said she finds it ‘odd’ to ask students about their sexual preferences, and said a scholarship for gay, lesbian and transgender students was ‘reverse discrimination’. Donald Trump responds to family of fallen Muslim soldier. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is facing criticism for his response to the parents of a fallen Muslim soldier who spoke during the Democratic National Convention.

Trump released a statement calling Army Captain Khan a hero, but added the real problem is “the efforts of radicals to enter our country to do us further harm.” Hillary Clinton tweeted “Captain Khan and his family represent the best of America.” (Run time 131). Sothebys New Major Shareholder Is Already a Power in Chinese Art. Taikang Life Insurance, run by Chen Dongsheng, now holds 13.5 percent of Sothebys stock, evidence of how far China has risen in the art business. Tech Fix While generic comp Limited, Wi-Fi-First Phones Are a Good, Frugal Bet. Only some phones work with the services, which seek out Wi-Fi networks to carry call and data before turning to cell towers. Explosion rocks Olympic stadium in Rio after ‘controlled blast’.

An explosion has rocked the Olympic stadium in Rio after Brazilian police discovered a suspicious device on Monday. The Maracan Stadium will host the opening ceremony on Friday night. Overwatch app lets tourists summon special forces assistance at the touch of a button. Ever wished you could summon your own personal Jason Bourne to get you out of trouble? Now you can, thanks to a newmobile app by a London-based security firm.