On July 14 Mabus signed “a notification” indicating his intent to put Milk’s name on a “Military Sealift Command fleet oiler.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the ship will be named the “USNS Harvey Milk.” The paper quoted Milk’s nephew, Stuart Milk, who said: “Mabus told him that the ship would travel worldwide.” But a Navy spokesman declined to comment on any plans for such a ship, as it “would be a couple of years” before the ship is even put into service.

News regarding intentions to name a ship after Milk brought mixed reviews from rank-and-file Navy personnel. Many in the gay community were thrilled to hear that Milk’s work on their behalf would be honored while others–even in that same community–worry that bestowing such an honor on Milk could backfire, considering the fact that he was also “an anti-Vietnam War” activist.