pg-32-anti-gay-2-reutersIt is a known fact that 1/3 of all countries in the world still view
homosexuality as a crime, and in seven countries it is punishable by death.
Additionally, the Gay Happiness Index provides much more information. For the
first time insight is given into gay living situations, how gay men feel and
how they are treated, comparable on a country level.

The GHI is the result of a worldwide survey in which 115,000 gay men from 127
countries were questioned. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the
University of Mainz, Germany. Jens Schmidt, CEO/Founder of PlanetRomeo says,
“Until now it was just not possible to ask gay men directly about their
personal lives, on a global scale. The spreading of the Internet, and the reach
of gay dating platforms like ours, allows us to change this.” READ FULL