1. eOScUj5There are no anti-discrimination laws for LGBT people.

Because they don’t need them. Seriously. The number of instances of discrimination against LGBT people, solely for being LGBT, is so low in these cultures that there is simply no need for them. That is true acceptance, or at the very least tolerance. Maybe Indiana should take a look at Southeast Asia the next time they feel threatened by their gay neighbors.


  1. All Southeast Asia countries have an established gay scene.

Outside of Bangkok that gay scene may not be the ‘in your face, wrapped in the gay pride flag’ type of scene you expect in the west. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not present and that it is not accepted. I’ve been to gay bars throughout Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, in addition to gay nights at bars in Burma (where the scene is just developing). I’ve heard about some awesome gay places in Vietnam, which I’m excited to check out. And these aren’t little hidey-holes, with no signage and a secret handshake to get in. They’re out there for everyone to see. READ FULL