gay-635x357Israel: Hundreds and not thousands of LGBT people and their friends took part in Jerusalem’s 13th annual Gay Pride parade after the event was postponed not once but twice.

The event had to be postponed once due to the Israel Defense Forces’ 50-day offensive in the Gaza Strip when Hamas fired numerous missiles at Israel, including a number that fell in Jerusalem.

The parade was also postponed due to a controversial July 20 Facebook post published by Elinor Sidi executive director of Jerusalem Open House, the most prominent local LGBTQ activist organization and parade sponsor. Sidi had called on citizens to burn down the Knesset and military headquarters as well exhorted soldiers to disobey orders.

Judging from social media posts, many in the LGBT community were offended by her remarks.

The Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Meir Turgeman also filed a police complaint against Sidi, accusing her of inciting violence against the state. Sidi later apologized.

The parade Sept 18 started in the evening across from Jerusalem’s Liberty Bell Park to end in Independence Park.

Hundreds of police officers secured the parade which was attended by significantly fewer people than in previous years, according to

The Jerusalem pride parade has originally scheduled for late June and traditionally held in the middle of the day and has attracted many thousands of participants, according to

However, when the parade was finally held, only a few hundred members of the LGBT community bothered to show up, it said.

“Whatever the reason, the more subdued nature of the gay pride parade this year was a welcome development for the majority of Jerusalem residents who see the event as a desecration of this holy city,” it added.