moovz_nakshatraIndia: A 23-year-old openly gay actor in India has signed up as the brand ambassador of Moovz, a social networking platform exclusively for gay men.

“Men on screen commercialise their sexuality to impress women by promoting perfumes, undergarments, condoms all the time. It’s time for us to come out as well and not feel shy about our sexuality,” Nakshatra Bagwe, who came out when he was 17 told

Moovz, is Asia’s newest hook-up apps for gay men and profiled by an Israeli startup in February, allows first interactions between users and forming support groups based on common interests and hook-ups.

“We believe that Moovz will enable people around the globe who already have things in common to interact on a higher level and connect as a community,” says Liav Eliash, Co-Founder & CEO of Moovz.

The social apps entry comes at a time when Indian gay rights activists are waging a legal battle to do away with the colonial-era “Section 377” law that describes same-sex relations as “unnatural” and punishable with life imprisonment.

Efforts have resulted in a flip-flop with courts decriminalizing and then recriminalizing the Section 377 law with the Supreme Court past December upholding the validity of Section 377, reversing the 2009 Delhi’s high court ruling that decriminalized it and gave the gay community broad protections and rights.

Currently, a new Supreme Court bench has agreed to re-examine that decision.

“It may be a crime for them, but for me intolerance is the biggest crime,” Bagwe said of Section 377 adding that Moovz’s coming to India means that “they have identified a big target group here and that the LGBT community is not any ‘miniscule’ section.”

Ashley Tellis, a gay rights activist and academic said private consensual sex between men continued before the Delhi High Court ruling and will continue despite the Supreme Court judgment as it was as well. “This only shows how irrelevant the law is to our lives,” he told

Boyet Dalisay, regional manager of Moovz, Asia Pacific pointed out that protection of the human rights across the globe is a basic need for every human being regardless of his/her color, race and gender.