20140609-afp-gayrightsInternational: A Gallup Poll survey of global attitudes toward the LGBT community shows that in many Asian countries questions regarding gay and lesbian people were even too sensitive to be asked.

The survey conducted in 123 countries listed countries in order of most gay-friendly to least gay-friendly by asking residents: “Is the city or area where you live a good place or not a good place to live for gay or lesbian people?”

However, the question in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Nigeria, Bahrain, Bhutan, Iraq, Kuwait, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan and Yemen was deemed too sensitive to be asked.

Pakistan in south Asia rated the least LGBT friendly country along with Senegal in Africa.

Indonesia and Afghanistan in Asia ranked the second lowest.

Nonetheless the survey did show that not all countries in Asia were anti-gay. Taiwan was ranked the world’s 39th most LGBT friendly country and were 39 percent of Taiwanese respondents said they welcomed LGBT people.

Results showed that in Thailand 52 percent respondents said it was not a good place to live in for gay and lesbian people and 41 percent said the same in Vietnam while 49 said that of Israel and 43 percent in India.

In Japan 28 percent said it was a good place for gays and lesbians to live in and the Philippines that number was 58 percent.

The most LGBT friendly country in the Gallup Poll ranking was the Netherlands with more than 8/10 saying the country is good for gays and lesbians.

Results were based on telephone and face-to-face interviews last year with some 1,000 adults in each country, aged 15 and older.