subtopics_of_chinese_marriage_traditions022dc09d76f5ea5b17dbChina: A court in China has asked a gay man to divorce and compensate a woman he married to hide his sexual-orientation, avoid social stigma and pressure from his parents.

A 27-year-old woman surnamed Wang was granted divorce and compensation of 800,000 yuan ($130,145) after filing for divorce and revealing that her husband was gay, according to Zhejiang-based Modern Gold Express.

The couple married after dating for six months but that the husband refused to consummate the marriage while pleading with his wife to remain in the fake marriage.

But Wang refused and took him to court in the eastern province of Zhejiang which agreed on the divorce settlement because the husband didn’t tell his wife he was gay.

Wang, who hails from Ningbo, thought she had found the ideal man when she met her 32-year-old future husband, surnamed Zhou, said the newspaper.

Zhou was very humorous and charming, and proposed to her on the evening they first met before marrying in March.

However, on their wedding night, Zhou slept in a separate room, saying he had a bad cold and later refused to move back into their bedroom, the court was told.

When Wang demanded an explanation, Zhou took out a credit card and said his wife could buy whatever she wanted with the card, “I know I owe you much and I will try to compensate you in other ways,” the newspaper reported.

Later, Wang became suspicious as her husband always left home quickly after receiving calls from a man and that one night after she followed him to a bar she found him with another man with whom he seemed intimate.

When confronted Zhou admitted he was gay and that he married due to social stigma and pressure from his parents and that they stay married to keep the fact that he was gay a secret. But Wang filed a lawsuit.

Many gay men in China marry and have children because of pressure from their parents and to avoid social stigma.

China legalized adult gay sex in 1997 and removed same-sex relations from an official list of psychiatric diseases in 2001.

Marriage among same-sex is not legal and largely stigmatized because of the deeply held Chinese belief that children are required to marry and bear offspring to continue the family line.

This is the reason why an estimated 80 to 90 percent of gay men in China marry, retired Qingdao University Professor Zhang Beichuan told adding that there are nearly 10 million Chinese couples in such marriages.

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