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D83A1B268B014DBD8C561A249700FA5CSouth Korea: At a concert in Seoul on Saturday night, Lady Gaga told the audience that South Korea’s LGBT community deserved equality.

Lady Gaga performed at the AIA Real Life Now last weekend as part of South Korea’s Independence Day celebrations.

Performing in Korea for the second time, the quirky pop icon brought her signature over-the-top fashion and glitzy performances as part of her latest concert tour “artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball.”

During the performance the American Performer made impassioned remarks about the LGBT community in South Korea.

She begun by saying “Whenever I come to Korea, before I go on stage, sometimes they give me rules and they say, don’t talk about certain things because some people might not like it. But I don’t give a f ― what everybody likes.”

She continued: “There are gay kids in Korea. There is an LGBT community in Korea. And you deserve to be f ― ing equal!”

The comments received a deafening roar of support from the audience.

The comments come amongst a society that is very traditional and gay people are often forced to hide their sexuality.

Even amongst the youth, sexuality is often a taboo subject and not fully understood.

In 2008 famous Korean actor Kim Ji-Hoo came out, the response from fans was so negative that he committed suicide shortly after.