gay_2909_840_529_100Singapore: A group of young Singaporeans have set up a YouTube channel that specializes in finding human perspectives to report on LGBT and other issues Singapore deems controversial.

Called SPAM Media, the group begun in July, has recently put together a video documentary on the LGBT community in Singapore that aims “to shed some light to the public on certain laws that the local gay community faces,” organizers told via email.

The video called “Trapped In The Closet: Keeping Score”  explores the LGBT scene in Singapore to understand the impact certain laws have on the community, the challenges local gay people face and how certain antagonistic groups provoke anti-gay prejudices in Singapore.

The video consists of interviews on people and organizations from various sources ranging from the pro-gay groups Free Community Church and SG Rainbow to Faith Community Baptist Church that is vehemently anti-gay.

Organizers of the independent media initiative told that SPAM was begun by a group of like-minded youths to focus on certain stories that it deems as being under-reported.

“From the Wear White Campaign to the National Library Board Controversy to the We Are Against Pink Dot Facebook Page, opposition against a Pro-LGBT – or even neutral – stance is steadily growing,” it said.

“While it is a basic human right of each individual to be entitled to his or her own opinions, is it humane to express such opinions in a flagrantly hostile manner?” it asked.

Gay rights are a contentious issue in Singapore, with many either wanting to retain or abrogate a British colonial-era “Section 377A” law that criminalizes sex between men with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years.

Various Christian and Muslim groups in opposition of equality rights do not even want a debate on discarding the law and have become vociferous in opposing gay rights ever since Singapore recently witnessed its largest gay-rights rally with 26,000 people attending.

The Catholic Archbishop William Goh of Singapore said the LGBT “lifestyle” should not be promoted as it is “detrimental to society and integral human development” and the Faith Community Baptist Church coaches its pastors in how to lobby the government against the gay community.

A Muslim group in Singapore also launched a “wear white” campaign to protest against the Pink Dot group of individuals who care deeply about LGBT Singaporeans and who promote equality rights.

The government claims it does not actively enforce anti-gay laws but its judiciary is notorious for throwing out anti-gay discrimination lawsuits and proceeding against those who question that decision.

Recently, Singapore’s National Library Board banned from libraries three children’s books featuring same-sex couples because it thought they were unsuitable for children.

SPAM’s video on the LGBT issue in Singapore can be watched here: