murderManila:  Philippines police arrested a gang of three after they killed a 44-year-old and fled with his valuables.

The gang was headed by a 17-year-old boy whose accomplices were an 18-year-old and 20-year-old operating in Valenzuela City. Police recovered two cell phones, an Apple iPod and a shoulder bag owned by the victim according to

Police who arrested the gang July 24 confirmed that the group was led by the 17-year-old who posed as a call boy and that the gang was also wanted in the robbery and slaying of another gay man earlier this month.

Senior Supt. Rhoderick Armamento, Valenzuela police chief, told that the 17-year-old admitted that he had around 20 gay clients, some of whom filed complaints against him at the police station following his arrest.

The suspects did not plan to kill their latest victim but the latter was a big man who fought them and that’s when the boy ordered his accomplice to stab him with a kitchen knife, Armamento said.

The victim’s naked body was found inside his house a day earlier lying face down in a pool of blood. He had multiple stab wounds all over his body. The victim was found by his housemate, a pedicab driver who said that he last saw him with two men before he left their house that night.

Description given to police by the housemate and a tip provided by a witness who said he saw the two suspects helped track the 17-year-old and his gang and arrest them.

The minor also admitted his involvement in the July 8 death of a sales supervisor who was also gay. That victim’s body was found inside the room he was renting in Valenzuela City. He had been choked to death.

Other gang members said that the minor had gone to the victim’s house and had a few drinks and had planned to rob the man after he fell asleep.

The minor, however, started strangling him and when the victim fought, the other two panicked and held the victim down. When the victim died, they took his valuables and escaped.

A gang member told police that he believed that the minor had victimized other gay men before.

Armamento said charges of robbery with homicide would be filed against the two gang members and as for the minor, police will have to meet first with a representative from the Department of Social Welfare and Development and his parents before determining on what to do with him.