101222-feature-2-photo-650_416Kuwait:  An official from Kuwait’s premier state-owned educational institute has declined to answer a Member of Parliament if he misused state funds to grant scholarship to a Kuwaiti gay student.

Director General of the Public Authority for Applied Education & Training (PAAET) Dr Ahmad Al-Athari has declined to comment on MP Saadoun Hammad’s request, writes the Al-Rai daily.

Al-Athari said all Kuwaiti citizens have the right to receive scholarship and there is no discrimination in that aspect as everyone obtains scholarship through the official channels and in accordance with legitimate rules and regulations.

Dr Badr Al-Khodri, professor of educational technology, pointed out that PAAET accepts a large number of students every year, and there are some young men who tend to be feminine and girls who tend to be masculine, so the problem is not new to the management.

He reiterated that  young men who tend to be feminine and girls who tend to be masculine are also considered Kuwait citizens and thus eligible for education, employment and health care enjoyed by all other Kuwaiti citizens.

PAAET is tasked with developing the national technical manpower and meeting the human resource needs of Kuwait through education and training.

Last May it described male and female students who are gay as suffering from “gender identity disorders” in need of being checked and treated by “specialists” at a counseling center being set up for that purpose.

Article 193 of the Penal Code punishes consensual same-sex relations between men over the age of 21 with up to six years imprisonment. Minors violating this can be imprisonment for a maximum of ten years.  Adult and consensual same-sex relations between women is however legal in Kuwait.

Gay men are also fined or imprisoned under broad laws designed to protect public morality and public order with the state using a prohibition  against “imitating the opposite sex in appearance or behavior.”

Source: arabtimesonline.com