02021259Israel: A Controversial Israeli rabbi says rockets fired toward Tel Aviv by Palestinians and the recent kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers is a punishment by god for holding the gay pride parade

This is punishment to atone for sins. What is happening now is punishment for what we allow. Precisely because of this, the Almighty sends us Hamas and violence is rife in the land of Israel, said Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak in his speech July 8 night, according to totpi.com.

Yitzhak then cited the example of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers connecting that incident that shocked the nation with the June 8-14 Tel Aviv Pride Week that culminated with an enormous parade where an estimated 30,000 tourists participated.

Tel Aviv Pride Week is seen as an opportunity to raise awareness about the social and political challenges that members of the Israeli LGBTQ community confront in their daily lives.

According to the rabbi, killing the teenagers on the day of Tel Aviv pride was not coincidental.

The teenagers’ bodies were found, more than two weeks after they went missing hitchhiking in the occupied West Bank on June 12.

Palestinians similarly also grieved for a boy abducted and killed in a grisly act of reprisal as he waited for early prayers at a local mosque. This led to rioting in the Arab East Jerusalem and some other towns of northern Israel with Palestinian populations.

Israel has recently been subjected to rocket attacks over territorial conflicts with Hamas-led Palestinians that has left at least 100 dead in the Gaza region.

Yitzhak is a Charedi Rabbi and is best known for his involvement in Orthodox Judaism and in activities centered on helping Jews to become more religious.

Source: totpi.com