lara-kayLebanon:  A popular yet controversial Lebanese singer speaking on a radio program said she has now decided to be a lesbian and is looking for her life partner because she doesn’t trust men anymore and in order to avoid being called a prostitute.

“I decided to be lesbian, I am looking for a female partner because I don’t trust men anymore and in order to avoid being called a prostitute,” said singer Lara Kay, according to

Her reason for changing from straight to gay was because she has no trust in men whatsoever after one music production company owner tried to rape her, Lara said.

“Girls, beware of men and music production companies, because what I went through was horrible and difficult,” she said.

Lara, who is also a fashion model, went on to say that she’s now decided to be a lesbian and is looking for her life partner.

She said same-sex relations are spreading across the social spectrum of Lebanon’s society and that included girls at schools and universities.

The reason behind same-sex relationship among females, Lara said  was because girls in Arab countries find it safer than having a relationship with a man and because they are not subject to virginity related issues.

Lara said that girls can also be together anywhere without raising suspicions.

It is however not unheard of women being killed for not obeying orders from parents to marry someone, or by appearing to be promiscuous.

Lara has caused a lot of controversy in the media both for her music videos as well as a social critic on society through her comedy and social TV shows in Lebanon.

Her racy style music video on Youtube are also a sensation with some calling her bold, daring, and different and others accusing her of over exposing herself, talent-less, and just selling a bad image of Lebanese girls.

Lebanon is one of the more LGBT tolerant Arab countries  even thoughArticle 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code prohibits same-sex relations that it says “contradicts the laws of nature” and same-sex couples are met with arrests on the streets and in homes, along with a year in jail.

The arrests are often targeted at cultural hubs that influence Lebanon’s youth towards a more tolerant lifestyle.

However, last year, Lebanon became the first Arab country to declassify same-sex relations as a “disease” but institutions such as gay marriage, gays in the military, adoption by gay couples, recognition of gay couples, and anti-discrimination codes in the workplace are all still illegal.