queerchina1United States:  The first survey of contemporary independent LGBTQ films from China is taking place in the US city of Maimi and is featuring works of directors who are often censored by Chinese authorities.

The “Queer China Meets Miami” festival is part of Gay Pride Month celebrations and will consist of screenings and discussions held June 28-29.

The two-day screening curated by Jane V Hsu is featuring live discussions with four most preeminent directors of LGBTQ film making, who live and work in Beijing:  Cui Zi’en, He Xiaopei, Fan Popo, and Yuan Yuan, according to miamiherald.typepad.com.

There will also be a performance of P.M.S Bar by Miami artist Nina Dotti, based on a previously censored work performed in Shanghai.

Queer Chinese independent film directors will screen and discuss their recent work on LGBTQ rights in China, censorship as well as how the social landscape has changed in the last 20 years.

“Queer China Meets Miami” will offer the directors an opportunity to publicly screen and discuss their work with a Miami audience, the report said.

Jane V Hsu has been working as a curator and juror of independent film festivals in China, and has recently been held under house arrest in Beijing for her participation with Chinese independent films.

Her work focuses on gender, sexuality, HIV/AIDS awareness, and violence in China.

She has been jury of numerous independent film festivals including the censored Beijing Independent Film Festival, where she was held under house arrest.

For Cui Zi’en, pioneer in Chinese gay activism and first to make LGBT award-winning film and documentaries since the 1990’s in China, this will be a world premiere of his experimental film on alien men meeting human men, The Narrow Path.

The director is also co-founder of the Queer Film Festival in China that screens festival films on a moving bus in order to avoid censorship by local authorities.

Fan Popo comes from the new generation of gay documentary filmmakers, looking at how young people in China are coming out in Mama Rainbow and the multi-city production of The VaChina Monologues play adaptation in China.

He Xiaopei and Yuan Yuan founded PinkSpace, a NGO serving the only toll-free coming out hotline for gay men and women directed the film, Our Marriages, about a gay man who married a lesbian women in order to maintain the traditional Chinese family.

Nina Dotti attempted to perform a one-woman work about menopause at the Mint bar in a westernized section of Shanghai. Before the performance could begin, she was censored by the China Government and told to stop and place all props in black garbage bags.

The artist, is also inspired by the political advancements in feminist and LGBT related art events and China.

You can watch the trailer of The VaChina Monologues here:

Source: miamiherald.typepad.com