dading-inside88Manila:  A Filipino comedy-family drama serial that tells the story of a gay father is to feature on afternoon prime time television.

Dading, the new GMA 7 Afternoon Prime series that premiered June 23 will begin public broadcast worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV tomorrow.

“We have to be careful in portraying a delicate role… Dading is mostly about being a parent whether the child is his own or not, and how a gay person becomes a parent,” said Gabby Eigenmann who plays the gay father but who is not gay.

He said he his is very careful not to deliver the kind of acting that will caricature gay people for laughs, according to

In Dading, he assumes the daddy duties to the baby girl of his ex-girlfriend-turned-best friend Beth after the real father suddenly disappeared from Beth’s life just when he got her pregnant.

The actor belongs to the illustrious Eigenmann showbiz family  and has bee in the business for about 18 years .

While this is not his first time for Eigenmann to act as a gay man, this is his first full-length gay role.  “That’s why I’m happy… and grateful for Dading,” he said.

“Honestly, (it puts) pressure on me because as much as possible I want it to be real and I’m not gay to begin with. But since I have a lot of friends (who are gay) and the fact that I know their stories in life, logically, I try to learn, observe and absorb (what) emotions to use,” he told reporters.

You may watch a segment of the Dading serial here: