f66cdd0c05a542d6848eaefe710ff95eHong Kong: About 40 people, most dressed in pink, appeared outside the Causeway Place Mall to launch into a rendition of La Vie en Rose and promote the Pink Dot campaign which takes place in Hong Kong for the first time on June 15.

The flash mob was outside the Causeway Place Mall on Great George Street June 1, reports scmp.com. Many danced, some chanted slogans, and others gave out leaflets.

The flash mob was organized by the Big Love Alliance and the Pink Alliance to call for better acceptance of same-sex relations, as well as to promote the Pink Dot campaign, which takes place in Hong Kong for the first time on June 15 at Tamar, Admiralty, and will feature concerts, stalls and magic shows.

“Not only do gay people need to come out, their families and friends also have to come out and show their support,” Brian Leung, one of the organizers told scmp.com.

A flash mob was a fun way to draw Hong Kong people’s attention to human rights, he said.

The event took place after recent controversies surrounding gay rights.

Last month, the Justice Alliance accused the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of “brainwashing” children by offering counseling to young people struggling with their sexuality.

However, another organizer, Billy Leung, said that previous campaigns had taught him that most of the public accepted homosexuality. “Those opposed to diversity are just a small group of people,” he said.

Gary Hung, 26, who took part in the flash mob, said attacks on gay people made him “really sad.” “I am not gay but I have no problems with people who are,” he said.

“When I was in secondary school, I learned from some friends that some other schoolmates were gay. I told them that this was fine and I had no problems with it,” he said.

The Pink Dot campaign  is a non-profit movement, free-for-all event which started in 2009, in support of the LGBT community in Singapore where same-sex relations are illegal.

Pink Dot remains a milestone for the local LGBT movement because it is remains a legal way in various Asian countries that ban or restrict same-sex relations, to allow community members to celebrate who they are.

Source: scmp.com