knife-murder630Vietnam: Police in Vietnam’s largest city have arrested a couple for allegedly taking part in the brutal murder of an abusive gay man.

Ho Chi Minh City made the arrests after discovering his decomposing torso in Go Vap District on May 23, reports

Twenty-year-old Tran Nhat Duy  admitted to killing and dismembering Van Anh Tuan, 30, because the latter had threatened to kill him if he ended their gay relationship, police said.

Duy and his 22-year-old girlfriend Dang Gia Linh were arrested on May 24.

Duy began a relationship with Tuan as an 11th grade student in the Mekong Delta province of Tien Giang. Tuan, Duy and Linh are all natives of Tien Giang, police added.

Tuan often threatened Duy about engaging in love relationships with others and used to beat him, Duy, police said.

Investigations reveal that Tuan followed Duy to Ho Chi Minh City In October after the latter enrolled in a university and where Duy met and fell in love with his classmate Linh.

Duy admitted to putting potassium cyanide in mid-May and putting it in Tuan’s noodle but the poison only caused the man to throw up.

On May 19 evening, Tuan allegedly added the same poison to Tuan’s water and the victim was dead within two hours.

A day later, Duy bought a hand saw, an electric saw, tape and bags and cut off his victim’s head and limbs.

Duy told Linh about the murder and his girlfriend came to his room to help clean up the evidence and spray air freshener to disperse any odors.

From May 21-23, Duy got rid of Tuan’s body parts by throwing them in the river near Tien Giang.

Linh helped Duy sell Tuan’s motorbike and phone for VND10 million (US$50).

Police have yet to recover Tuan’s body parts based on Duy’s confession.

On May 23, Duy’s landlord Dung called Duy and asked him to clean up his room because many of his neighbors were complaining about the stench emanating from his room.

Duy said he was away at the beach and would take care of the problem when he returned.

However, being suspicious of the intolerable odor, the landlord called the police who found Tuan’s torso in the room.

Duy and Linh have both confessed to their roles in the crime.