1357886329d3vchwxwtw8u49ywnyytahiosjfmscs94mKuwait: Kuwait’s premier state-owned educational institute has urged teachers and students to report gays and lesbians within their institutions so that they can be counted and sent for ‘cure’ treatments.

Dr Khalifa Behbehani, Dean of Activity and Student Care at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) describes male and female students who are gay as suffering from “gender identity disorders” in need of being checked and treated by “specialists” at a counseling center being set up for that purpose.

That is why the PAAET has a need to “count” the number of such students, according to the kuwaittimes.net.

“Some students come from high school carrying wrong behaviors with them,” Behbehani said. “Observers in the local, regional and international scenes notice that the problem is found in colleges and universities all around the world.”

Behbehani admitted that even though there were “very few’ gay students at the PAAET “their behavior has unfortunately become a source of disgust for students and teachers alike.”

He urged students and teachers to “avoid contact with homosexual students” and report any suspected cases to the counseling center.

Behbehani said  that the administration is dealing with every case in secrecy “to protect” the rights and reputation of students who may be gay.

The PAAET is tasked with developing the national technical manpower and meeting the human resource needs of Kuwait through education and training.

Kuwait is notorious for providing counseling for “treatment” or to “cure” gay people of their sexual orientation.

Last month a group of Kuwaiti lawmakers offered to cure gay people by making available “specialized doctors” to help find a “solution to their problem.”

Past October, Kuwait proposed compulsory “medical tests” to find out if prospective migrant workers were gay and to bar them from entering the country.

Article 193 of the Penal Code punishes consensual same-sex relations between men over the age of 21 with up to six years imprisonment. Minors violating this can be imprisonment for a maximum of ten years.  Adult and consensual same-sex relations between women is however legal in Kuwait.

Gay men are also fined or imprisoned under broad laws designed to protect public morality and public order with the state using a prohibition  against “imitating the opposite sex in appearance or behavior.”

Source: kuwaittimes.net