UntitledIndia: India’s first dating website exclusively for lesbians and bisexual women in India has been launched.

The website which began in February but launched recently caters to only women in India and women of Indian origin across the world and offers professional matchmaking service in very private way, reports avashya.com.

Interested women’s information are kept privately on the website database and unlike other normal matchmaking services where users can see photos and details of other users, no photos and details are shown to public.

Women have to drop an email to connect@wonderfulthingshappen.com with a brief intro about themselves.

Within 48 hours, the personal matchmaker finder will get in touch with them and schedule a 45-60 minutes in person consultation via call/Skype. After understanding and determining the needs, candidate profile will be created and stored on the website database privately.

Once the matchmaker has qualified interested women as a serious candidate, it  will start screening for potential matches. The website does not entertain married women and is open to only singles.

Connecting and creating profiles is absolutely free, however there are pricing options for customized matchmaking services.

Apart from professional matchmaking, the website also offers a discussion forum where the website encourage lesbian, bisexual women and their families  friends to chat, discuss and support each other through shared experiences.

Priyanka Singh is website’s founder, a 30-year old married woman and non-resident Indian based in the US who said she wanted to start such a website after Indian Supreme Court past December upheld Section 377, a British colonial-era law that criminalizes same-sex relations with up to life imprisonment.

India saw a window of opportunity in equality laws when the Delhi High Court in 2009 decriminalized same-sex relations.  However, that was reversed by the Supreme Court past December.

India is a highly conservative patriarchal society that mistreats women and were topics regarding sexual issues pertaining to women are considered taboo.

Statistics show that woman and minor girls are raped every hour, a bride set on fire every six hours  and that 80 percent of illegally aborted fetuses are female. Sexual violence against women include kidnapping, torture, molestation and sexual harassment.

Hence gay women are doubly discriminated against, by their gender as well as sexuality.

Social workers for lesbian support groups say that say that lesbians are just slightly better off in India’s overcrowded cities where they have a better chance of anonymity but that in rural India they are open to vicious brutality including rape by husbands, brothers and fathers in a bid to “cure them.”

Source: avashya.com