Handcuffing2Kuwait: Special Kuwaiti police have arrested 32 people after they raided a livestock farm to  bust an alleged “gay” party.

Vice police detectives raided a jakhour or livestock farm where same-sex parties for both genders were being organized, a security source told  news.kuwaittimes.net.

The source confirmed that 32 men and women were arrested from the farm in the northwestern town of Kabd. Liquor and women’s clothing were also confiscated by the police officials .

Same-sex relationsamon men in Kuwait is punishable by imprisonment from between seven to 10 years, according to the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association.  This punishment is less severe than in Saudi Arabia, which shares a border with Kuwait, where same-sex relations is punishable by death by stoning.

Kuwait also has strict laws concerning cross-dressing.   Its National Assembly in 2007 voted to amend the country’s penal code to make anyone “imitating the opposite sex in any way” liable to face one year in prison and a 1,000 Kuwaiti dinar fine (US $3,555).

Human Rights Watch pointed out that the amendment “doesn’t penalize any specific behavior or act but rather physical appearance, the acceptable parameters of which [are] to be arbitrarily defined by individual police.”

UPDATED: According to arabtimesonline.com those arrested were “Kuwaitis and foreigners, including drunken persons cross-dressers and tomboys.”

It added that foreigners caught in the raid will be deported and legal action will be taken against others, as per directives from the Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Affairs Major General Abdulhamid Al-Awadhi. 

Source: news.kuwaittimes.net