737512-0836faa0-2fb7-11e3-869e-eaff8cd18a26Kuwait: A state owned educational institute plans to employ specialists to man a new counseling center to treat gay students, says an official.

Both male and female students can approach the center for counseling if they think they suffer from gender identity disorders, said Dr Ahmad Al- Athari, General Director of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training, according to kuwaittimes.net.

He did not provide a date as to when the center is expected to open.

The authority is to develop the national technical manpower and to meet human resource needs of Kuwait through education and training.

Elsewhere, arabtimesonline.com reported Al-Athari as describing the proposed initiative as “a center for psychological counseling to deal with tomboys and gays inside colleges and institutes” affiliated to the Public Authority fir Applied Education and Training. The counseling was to be done by “teachers specialized in the subject,” it reported him as saying.

Al-Athari went on to say the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training is awaiting approval from its Board of Directors to begin the counseling center.

Al-Athari, in a press statement said Kuwait’s colleges and institutes not seen an increase “on a large scale” in a number of gay people and described same sex relations “the phenomenon which is global and not individual.”

Kuwait is notorious for providing counseling for “treatment” or to “cure” gay people of their sexual orientation.

Last month a group of Kuwaiti lawmakers offered to cure gay people by making available “specialized doctors” to help find a “solution to their problem.”

Past October, Kuwait proposed compulsory “medical tests” to find out if prospective migrant workers were gay and to bar them from entering the country.

Article 193 of the Penal Code punishes consensual same-sex relations between men over the age of 21 with up to six years imprisonment. Minors violating this can be imprisonment for a maximum of ten years.

Gay men are also fined or imprisoned under broad laws designed to protect public morality and public order.

This does not apply to women as adult and consensual same-sex relations between women is legal in Kuwait.

Source: arabtimesonline.com; kuwaittimes.net