Imran-khan-actorIndia: A popular Bollywood actor in India has taken upon himself to support sex education and LGBT rights by using comedy to debunk myths and stereotyping in society.

Hindi-language film actor Imran Khan has begun the Mumbai-based comedy collective All India Bakchod posted a video as a response to the to the Supreme Court’s decision to recriminalize LGBT relationships in India.

With comedy videos appearing on YouTube, Khan answers questions about the LGBT community posed in India.

“Why do these gay people choose to be gay? Why can’t they like un-gay?” a caller asks Khan in a video. Kahn simply replies: “Actually there is a very simple way to make someone un-gay. You can just walk over to your nearest gay person and flick the switch.”

“By posting such video, Khan offers support to the LGBT community while putting a funny spin on common questions about LGBT individuals in India,” reports GLAAD, the US-based lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender media advocacy organization.

“GLAAD is proud to recognize individuals such as Imran Khan who through their work help promote the international conversation about the inclusion of the LGBT community,” it said.

Khan, 31, is regarded as one of the most popular, good-looking and stylish celebrities in India. He is a popular actor in Bollywood, the Hindi-language film industry based in Mumbai and one of the largest centers of film production in the world.

Khan is a social activist, and has written columns for The Hindustan Times, one of India’s top national newspapers.

He has been actively supporting many causes including those of PETA, violence against women, political awareness, sex education as well as LGBT rights.

His All India Bakchod videos are seen as a direct support of Indian gay rights activists who are presently fighting a legal battle to do away with the colonial-era “Section 377” law that describes same-sex relations as “unnatural” and punishable with life imprisonment.

The Supreme Court past December upheld the validity of Section 377, reversing the 2009 Delhi’s high court ruling that decriminalized it and gave the gay community broad protections and rights.

You may watch Khan answering questions about being gay and Section 377 here: