1384092335_malvika-subbaNepal: Malvika Subba, an actress who works for HIV infected youth in Nepal, has now come out openly and declared her support and love for the LGBT community in the country.

Subba did this when she went live on air at UJYALO 90 Network radio recently. The radio show was led by Bhumika Shrestha who is a prominent figure and rights activist within the LGBT community of Nepal.

“I love gay people,” she said speaking in Nepali and urged gay people to own up to their identity and not be afraid to express themselves.

She conceded that such a stand was difficult because of the way society, employers and even their own family members reject them.

Subba shared that there are many gay people in the field that she is involved in but not all are able to be publicly open about their sexuality.

Subba, 33,   is a Nepalese media personality, beauty queen, actress, television host and social activist who at the age of 21 was crowned Miss Nepal. Since then she has been Ambassador for Human Trafficking closely associated with HIV/AIDS Youth Leader by UNICEF. She has a huge fan base among young people who consider her as a role model.

She pointed out that Nepalese society’s view of the LGBT community is based on ignorance and discrimination and that a lot of work has to be done to bring about a tangible change in this outlook.

She said families must educate their children about equality rights and must be taught to speak up against discrimination.

Families must accept the LGBT identity of their children and that being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender men and women should not be interpreted as bringing dishonor the family, she said.

People are entitled to their own sexual identity and hence everyone must fight discrimination and help the government improve the lot of those discriminated against.

Following the fall of the monarchy in 2007, Nepal has legalized same-sex relations and is in the process of drafting several new laws to include same-sex marriage and protect the LGBT community from discrimination.

However, Hindu-majority Nepal remains largely a conservative country  where people disapprove of gay people and highly stress straight  relationships.

In 2006 the government acknowledged “men having sex with men” as a vulnerable group by including them in government data  and affirmative action.

Source: lexlimbu.com