Anupama KumarIndia: Anupama Kumar, a well-known southern actress, is working for free in upcoming independent crowd-funded Hindi film called “My Son is Gay.”

Chennai-based filmmaker Lokesh is directing “My Son is Gay” and says that the film’s “gay” theme appealed to the actress, said an IANS report published in The film revolves around an emotional relationship between a mother and her gay son.

“We approached Anupama with a small role because of the budget constraint. But she agreed to play the lead role free of cost as she really liked the initiative we were taking to make a film on the subject,” Lokesh told IANS.

“It’s a very touching and positive journey of a mother who is unable to accept the fact that her son is gay,” said the director who has completed the first schedule of the film.

Gay rights  activist Nakshatra Bagwe too features in the film and is not charging any fee for his appearance.

The director has planned crowd-funding and will start campaigning for it soon.

Meanwhile, Ekta Kapoor, who was gearing up to produce a “different” version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet — titled Romil And Juggal, a love story between two men, has now put her plans on hold, reports

Apparently, the script was sent across to the censor board for approval, but they found the subject to be controversial and sensitive.

The producers thought it made better sense to get the script approved first, rather than face hurdles later, the report revealed.

Tanuj Garg, CEO of the Balaji Motion Pictures company, said that a part of the script is going through a creative rewrite to appease the censor board.

India is the largest film producer and one of the largest centers of film production in the world.