straightkuwaitKuwait: A group of Kuwaiti lawmakers have offered to cure those with same-sex orientations by making available “specialized doctors” to help find a “solution to their problem” if they came forward, local media has reported.

“If there are homosexuals seeking to discuss what they are suffering from, our doors are open for them,” Hamdan Al Azmi, president of the so-called “negative phenomena committee” in Kuwait’s National Assembly, told Al Rai newspaper.

“Some cross-dressers are going through physiological suffering, and maybe they can be cured if they are seen by specialists,” he added in the report that appeared in

Same-sex relations is illegal in Kuwait and men who publicly wear female clothing can be grounds for fines or imprisonment under broad laws designed to protect public morality and public order.

Al Azimi, a member of parliament in Kuwait had earlier this month asked the interior ministry to conduct raids on flats “where gay people indulge in their illicit debauchery that could not be tolerated under any pretext,” reports

“The commission will hold consultations with all parties who have links to the issue of gays in the country. We will sit mainly with the interior ministry because we want a harsher policy towards gay people,” he said.

“We feel that if the authorities were stricter in dealing with them, we would not see these gay people continue their decadence and depravity,” he said.

“The commission aims to achieve reform, but at the same time, it cannot tolerate disgraceful behavior or allow practices that are contrary to Islam and to moral integrity,” he said in remarks published by Al Rai.

“We do know some people have physiological problems that could be addressed properly by experts,” he said adding that the commission was ready to sit with all gay people “if they are serious about solutions for their problems.”

He also wants health centers to conduct routine medical check to assess the health of the expatriates and “take stricter measures that will help us detect gays” who will be then barred from entering Kuwait.

Past October, Kuwait proposed compulsory medical tests to bar migrant workers deemed to have same-sex orientations or transgender men and women from entering the country.

Human rights group Amnesty International slammed the idea as an affront to the fundamental human right to privacy and tantamount to persecuting of individuals based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Amnesty said it had in recent years documented increasing reports of violence against members of the LGBT community in Kuwait.