miss_gay_beautiesUnited States: The Philippine Independence Day Foundation (PIDF) in California, United States, has begun its search for Miss and Queen (Gay) of Philippine Independence Day in the City of Carson.

The PIDF holds the annual pageant as a fundraiser for its social welfare projects as well as organizing the Philippine Independence Day celebration at the Veterans Park on June 7, reports balita.com.

The Independence Day event has drawn thousands of Filipino immigrant workers and Filipino Americans who watch multicultural presentations and musical talents and patronize the food and information booths and cultural exhibits.

Last year popular actors Marian Rivera and Rafael Rosell were the entertainers from the Philippines who came to Carson.

PIDF donates to substance abuse campaigns, the Simbang Gabi (devotional nine-day series of Masses before Christmas) event of St. Philomena Church and the fundraising efforts to help the typhoon victims of Typhoon Leyte that ravaged parts of the Philippines last year.

According to Josh Andowitt of GMA Network, the media sponsor of the Philippine Independence Day, the top five candidates of the pageant will be showcased on May 25 at the Carson Community Center.

Miss Philippine Independence Day contestants must be naturally born females who have not married between 18-27 years of age and be of Filipino descent.

Queen (Gay) of Philippine Independence Day contestants must be 18-36 years old and of Filipino ancestry.

The contestants will be judged according to how they look in casual wear and formal evening attire.

They will also compete in a Question and Answer interview.

Previous winners of other beauty pageants are eligible to join. There will be special awards for Miss Photogenic, Talent and Congeniality.

The search for contestants began March 24.

Source: balita.com