2011104145715867580_8Manila:  The chaplain of the Philippine National Police says there is nothing wrong if a cop is gay.

“There is really nothing wrong with that and the PNP itself does not discriminate,” said  Supt. Lucio Rosaroso, acting chief of the Directorial Staff of the PNP Chaplain Service, in a report that appeared in mb.com.ph

Rosaroso said admitting sexual preference won’t degrade a member of the PNP.

“What is important is that they take care of themselves, do their job well and they don’t become a disgrace to the organization,” said Rosaroso.

The official, however, said that they cannot force the policemen to reveal their sexual preferences.

He added that the good news is that the PNP is a gender sensitive organization.

Rosaroso’s remarks are significant because the Philippines is a Catholic country with over 80 percent of its 97 million people belong to that religion and where the Catholic Church has been active in opposing any civil rights legislation for the LGBT community.

Source: mb.com.ph