5141cee0-9bb5-11e3-af04-97a3a7ab62c7_The-OPM-boy-band-with-leading-ladies-Negi-and-Kevin-Balot-in-Bosay-Resort-where-in-music-video-was-filmedManila:  A Filipino boy band’s most recent song has not only taken the Philippines by storm but has ushered in a new gay anthem for the LGBT community in this conservative Christian country.

When they started out almost three years ago, the band called 1:43 (and pronounced one forty three) has been known as a tweetums kind of group singing mostly about love and crushes, reports ph.celebrity.yahoo.com.

But now, the quartet is literally singing a different tune.  Its novelty song, the upbeat “Hayop sa Ganda,” composed by the group’s road manager and musician Urie Tesorio, has earned at least 182,100 views on YouTube.

Urie wrote the song telling the story of a gay who in helping a  beggar, gets a life-changing gift from him – a black underwear that transforms him into a beautiful, sexy woman (played by Kevin Balot, winner of the transgender beauty pageant Miss International Queen 2012).

The song has become the anthem of gays.

1:43’s manager, Chris Cahilig, reveals that “Hayop sa Ganda” became number one in the charts, even surpassing Sarah Geronimo’s “Tayo” after some time.  “Hayop sa Ganda,” Cahilig relates, became Most Wanted Song of the Week in radio station Barangay LS.

“A lot of people didn’t realize it’s a novelty song. We’re getting a new fan base from the gay market which supports the tribute video,” he said in the ph.celebrity.yahoo.com report.

The group plans a new album and the success of  “Hayop sa Ganda” would make promo efforts for the new album a breeze.

The album will say something about the global Pinoy, said Cahilig. “It’s still about Pinoy culture interpreted in a fun, even naughty way.  The personality is still very 1:43 – playful but more grown-up, but most of all, Pinoy.

Pinoy is a Tagalog slang word for ‘Filipino.’ It has no negative connotation and is an informal demonym referring to the Filipino people in the Philippines and overseas.

The band, Cahilig promises, will always strive to be the voice of the now generation of Pinoys and change with the times, the way they did in “Hayop sa Ganda.”

Philippines is a Catholic majority country with over 80 percent of its 97 million people belonging to that religion. Catholic and other Christians constitute over 90 percent.

Prevailing social attitudes about sexual orientation and gender identity issues are heavily influenced by the teachings of the Catholic Church which has been active in opposing any civil rights legislation for the LGBT community.

Homosexual conduct or affection may be subject to the “grave scandal” prohibition in Article 200 of the Revised Penal Code and the LGBT community is not protected by any civil rights laws.

However, tolerance for LGBT people has somewhat increased over the years due to greater education about sexual orientation.

You can watch the  “Hayop sa Ganda” video here:

Source: ph.celebrity.yahoo.com