294359709_640International: Michael Luongo was nominated for a Pulitzer for his investigative journalism on the killings of gay men in Iraq, reports passportmagazine.com.

Luongo has lived among rural gay Afghanis, documenting their lives for the New York Times and other publications.

He has co-written an academic treatise on gay tourism, and authored “Frommer’s Buenos Aires.” Luongo also edited the controversial “Gay Travels in the Muslim World, released by Haworth Press in 2007 which is the only gay American book ever translated into and published in Arabic.

Luongo’s intimate knowledge of gay life around the world makes him an ideal editor for the new anthology “Sensual Travels” that collects 20 elegantly written short stories of erotic encounters abroad, reports passportmagazine.com.

Well-known contributors to “Sensual Travels”  include Felice Picano, who maps out Tokyo’s gay nightlife with an anthropologist’s eye; Trebor Healey, who takes readers to the small city of Guanajuato, Mexico in a story rich with local traditions and symbols; and Jeff Man, who gets things nice and sticky with his “Bondage Tape in Budapest.”

Though presented as fiction, many of these pieces incorporate real locations where travelers may choose to follow.

Luongo is a New York-based freelance writer, novelist, editor and photographer, concentrating on travel, culture, human rights and other topics.

Check out his interview on homosexuality among Muslim societies in Asia:

Source: passportmagazine.com