Indian_Army-Madras_regimentLondon: Indian military is among the least gay friendly in the world and neighbor and rival Pakistan does much better in being gay friendly, according to a study.

Indian Army scored 34/103 in terms of Gay friendliness/tolerance whereas Pakistan Army scored 41.5/103 in Gay Friendliness/tolerance. New Zealand had the highest score by scoring 100/100 while Britain’s military is the second most homosexuality friendly.

The first-ever global ranking of countries by inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) service members in the armed forces brought out by the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies ranked more than 100 armed forces by inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender personnel, reports

India is in the bottom half of the list recording only 34 out of 100.

India is well below countries like Nepal (55) when it comes to tolerating homosexuality in its armed forces.

India’s low rank and intolerance over gay rights comes after India’s top court recently reinstated an archaic law that makes gay sex a criminal offense.

In 2009, Delhi’s high court had overturned the colonial law (section 377 of the Indian Penal Code) that made gay sex an offense punishable by up to life imprisonment.The Supreme Court reversed the 2009 ruling in January 2014.

Like India, Pakistan’s law criminalizing consensual same-sex dates back to 1860 under the colonial rule of British East India Company.

The LGBT Military Index ranked over 100 countries in an instant, transparent, systematic, and comparable overview of 19 policies and best practices. 

Nigeria was found to be the most intolerant scoring as low as 3, followed by Iran (6), Syria (7).

The Index maps the situation of LGBT participation in the armed forces on a global scale. Every country in the world implements a different combination of policies based on inclusion, admission, tolerance, exclusion, and persecution. Based on these combinations, every armed force can be estimated and ranked to compare countries.

Nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan, besides having heavily militarized borders, are among the ten largest armies of the world. India has the third largest army and Pakistan the eight largest in the world.