7x5_postcard_mailingNew York: A premier New York-based nightlife company called Hebro is organizing its first ever trip to Israel for gay Jews, reports outtraveler.com.

The trip is put together by organizers of the Christmas Eve Jewbilee in New York. This premiere party attracted over 1,200 gay Jews last year.

The 10-day, nine-night event to Israel is scheduled for June 6-15, with many cultural, historic, and fun stops, reports outtraveler.com.

Aside from visits to Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Masada, the Galilee, and the Dead Sea, a good chunk of the trip will center on the cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv and its raucous Pride event that last year attracted 100,000 people.

This Israel and Tel Aviv Pride trip will cost US$2,389 sans airfare and is partially sponsored by a group called A Wider Bridge, which builds connections between the LGBT communities in the U.S. and Israel, reports outtraveler.com.

Hebro was founded in 2007 as a way for gay and bi Jewish men in New York to meet and mingle. It bills itself as the premiere nightlife group for gay Jews in New York City, producing and promoting gay Jewish parties throughout the year to attract the cultural and modern urban gay Jew.

Source: outtraveler.com