Pastor-Lawrence-KhongSingapore: A leaked copy of a guide believed to be written by senior pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) Lawrence Khong about how to lobby the government against gays has been circulating online, reports

“I am young and single. I am writing because I shudder at the way society is going today.”

“I have homosexual friends. I do not discriminate against them. I care about them. But I do not support their alternative lifestyles.

“I wish to register my point of view that gay and lesbian behaviour is unnatural. Same sex marriage is wrong. It must not become the norm in Singapore.”

These are some excerpts of the ways readers of a guide on how to support Section 377A of Singapore’s Penal Code ban on men having sex with men are taught to write to a minister or the government feedback unit REACH.

The contact email addresses provided in the guide are to persons working in LoveSingapore, a movement chaired by Khong which involves several churches including FCBC.

Khong has clarified that the guide is meant to promote support for the retention of Section 377A and it not against people who practise alternative sex, reports

In the guide titled “ SUPPORT 377A a simple guide to giving feedback” which is believed to be addressed to pastors and leaders under the LoveSingapore movement, Khong urged the church to take action against the repealing of Section 377A, noting that the homosexual issue has a “negative impact on the moral future of Singapore” if the church remains part of “the silent majority.”

He also noted that the church should not follow the samples verbatim but express their concerns in their own words and writing style and be “civil and succinct.”

Khong also listed in his guide recent news stories related to homosexuality in Singapore as well as suggestions on how to end the letter, reports

While Khong stated in the guide that it is not meant for mass distribution as “not everyone will understand the rationale” behind what his team is doing and “not everyone will be sympathetic” the leaked copy has been making its rounds on social media.

The FCBC senior pastor has always been vocal about his support for Section 377A.

Singapore has retained a British colonial-era law that criminalizes sex between men. Under Section 377A, any male person who, in public or private, commits, abets, procures or attempts to procure any act of gross indecency with another male person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years.

There have been various calls for Section 377A to be repealed in recent years and the issue of repealing or retaining it has also been brought up in Parliament in recent years.