1619569_461934100573625_2145420704_nHong Kong: Eight gay and straight Hong Kong uni students have gone to universities for photo shoots to support same-sex love and marriage equality, reports gaystarnews.com.

In every corner on campus, there are always coupless and newlyweds taking daily life photos and wedding pictures. But gays are always absent at these heart-warming moments. This not because there are no gay people in our lives, but thanks to fear, they are oftentimes too afraid to come out, says the gaystarnews.com report.

That is why Usupportlove, an inter-university LGBTI rights program in Hong Kong, invited eight university students for photo shoots at different tertiarty institutions.

By coming out strongly in favor of marriage equality, these youngsters – including a gay couple and a straight ally –  are in hopes of furthering gay rights, in a city where discrimination against sexual minorities is still common and gay marriage is at least years away, the reports said.

The gaystarnews.com report quoted at length from many of those couples.

Jason, a Baptist University, sophomore, was quoted as saying: “I did something huge today… Indeed, I had a photo shoot with my boyfriend and then uploaded it to the Internet to show off. It should really be nothing extraordinary, right? Isn’t it common sense to hold your lover’s hand in public?

Everyone should have the right to to love, regardless of borders, genders or wealth. You can neither reject love, nor prevent others from loving who he/she loves.”

Toby, Polytechnic University, freshman was quoted as saying: “Love is about devotion, tolerance and respect… I often share relationship tidbits with my friends, and I’ve discovered that gay and straight couples have pretty much the same experiences.

You meet each other, start dating, fall madly in love, exchange angry words, break up and get back together. The only difference is gay couples have to date secretly, learn to hide their love affairs, and respond to friends and relatives’ ‘care’ diplomatically.

Don’t let any fear today become regret in the future. Dread nothing, for love is sinless in itself!”

Martina, a Baptist University, junior, spoke about cultural restrictions. “Calling on relatives during Chinese New Year was so joyful, for everyone could get red packets.

Visiting relatives during CNY as grown-ups now is still fun, but there are some who can only receive red packets.

Giving out red packets is more than just giving a blessing. For some people, this is indeed an unreachable dream.”

Bryan, a straight ally from the HKUST, said one doesn’t have to be gay or bisexual to take these photos. Freshman Angus admits he has wavered between whether to show his face, but in the end he is convinced that fighting for human rights is nothing to be ashamed of.

Source:  gaystarnews.com